T’filah at Congregation Or Ami

The sanctuary is a place where our congregation comes together to connect with the holiness in ourselves, in others, and in the world. The holy space we create deserves respect and we honor it by our being fully present and participating to the best of our ability.

  • Our prayer community is strengthened when families sit together in the sanctuary, praying, singing, and participating together.
  • Inviting your children’s friends to sit with your family if they are not with their own family is encouraged.
  • Jewish prayer is a communal experience, not a performance by the service leaders. We encourage everyone to open their prayer books and participate in the service as  best they can, or use the time for quiet contemplation.
  • Talking or texting is distracting to those who are trying to pray. Cell phones, pagers, and other electronics should be silenced.
  • There is to be no chewing gum, eating food, or drinking beverages in the sanctuary as it detracts from the sanctity of the space.
  • Prayer books and other materials used in the sanctuary should never be put on the floor or misused in any way. If one is dropped on the floor, Jewish custom is to pick it up, kiss it gently, and return it to its rightful place.
  • Kipot (head coverings) and talitot (prayer shawls) are optional, but if they are worn, they should be worn respectfully.
  • Entering or leaving the sanctuary while the ark is open or the congregation is standing is disrespectful. Please refrain from entering or leaving the sanctuary at these times.
  • Ushers are present in order to welcome everyone to the service and to maintain a spiritually meaningful atmosphere in the sanctuary. Cooperation with the ushers is appreciated.
  • Service credit for an Or Ami Religious School student may be denied if, in the judgment of the ushers, the student has not met these behavioral expectations.

Kipot and Talitot are available in the lobby.